Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sorry for the Long Silence

We've been moving, and it's been a serious SAGA that isn't over yet--from the remains of the home's owner in the cupboard to the cat pee in the carpets, it has been one nightmare after another.

I'll write all the details out later.

One little interesting environmental note:

The first thing we noticed when we got here is that the birds sing as if it is dawn ALL NIGHT. When I went outside to see why they were singing at 1:00 am, I realized that it looks like the hour just before dawn here all night--the lights from the strip never let the sky get terribly dark, and they are to the East of us. I wonder what environmental impact that has on the ecosystem here. Birds weren't meant to stay awake all night, but they do, singing and waiting for dawn, every night for hours and hours.

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