Thursday, May 29, 2008

Religious Thoughts

I was holding Benji while I was disconnecting the old dishwasher I pulled out, and he was holding a screwdriver and trying to help the best a 1-year-old can, and I was letting him even though it slowed me down.

And I had this thought:

That's what we do to Heavenly Father. He's working on this great work that we can hardly comprehend, just like Benji could hardly grasp (and certainly couldn't understand) the work I was doing replacing the dishwasher. But if we want to help, Heavenly Father lets us crawl up into his lap and take a set of tools and do our very best with them--not because He can't do it faster and easier himself, but because part of the purpose of everything a parent does is to help his or her children learn and grow. So He's doing His grand work, and he lets us poke in our screwdriver randomly here and there as we do our best to "help" with our best skills and our hardest efforts at understanding what we're supposed to be doing--and I suspect He's grateful for the help.

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Laura said...

Amen. I have often felt this way too. You have probably heard the C.S. Lewis quote something like this, "God allows us to do slowly and imperfectly what he could do perfectly and in the twinkling of an eye." I think that's what training kids is all about.