Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Picnic

I realized today that I met Tim 15 years ago next month. That means I've known him half my life!

Tim is on the board of the Colorado Vocal Jazz Society. They have a meeting once a month, right after their annual family barbecue/drinking party. I shan't speculate on what this says for the quality of the meeting, since it follows an hour or more of drinking and partying. But there were kids there, and our kids were having a marvelous time with the swingset and trampoline. At one point, I went to check on Caleb and heard him say to another boy, "I'm five. Well, I'm five and three quarters. Well, not exactly. You'm not exactly sure how old I am, but I know it has a five in there somewhere. And I'll be six in a few weeks."

Funny. Then I felt bad. He asked me the other day exactly how old he is, so I told him, "Five and 23/24ths." It was the 23/24 that he couldn't remember, and which the bewildered 7-year-old he was talking to (who was smaller than Caleb), wouldn't have understood anyway.

Caleb has now lost two teeth. I told him to put them under his pillow and maybe the tooth fairy would come. He lost the teeth somewhere in the house. But he got money under his pillow nonetheless ("It's not $2, Mom! It's 8 quarters."). The look on his face when he discovered that daddy didn't do it was priceless!

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