Monday, July 23, 2007


Misc note first of all: There is another virtual academy--Connections Academy. It's a national online school with branches (usu. charter schools) nationwide, but not in every state. Their target audience seems to be ahead/behind students who don't fit into the traditional classroom because of the way their brains work. It appeals to me because the promotional materials say you can go as fast (or slow within reason) as you want, even completing multiple grades in one year if you want--in one subject or all of them. Very cool.

Anyway, Anda:

Anda is sick today. Stomach/intestinal yuckies. She was walking around with a "throw up bowl" under her chin. "Are you throwing up?" I asked. "Apparently not," she said sourly.

You ask a stupid question......

Also, the kids reminded me of the first story Anda ever told us. I think she was two. The story went, "Once upon a time there was an ugly old frog who was dead. The end."

Anda loves to tell stories. They go on and on. When she tells a traditional folktale, she's never content to stop at happily ever after. Instead, she says, "The End. Now, verse two." Most of Anda's stories have verses, which are something between what you would call 'chapters' and 'variations on a theme.' Most verses include her favorite toy, Baby Kitty, and Caleb's toy, Guy the Green Bear.

She also loves to break out of traditional songs with improvised, scat-singing breaks, which she invariably wants us to sing along to and gets mad if we improvise different than she does.

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