Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Turns out I have junk on my computer--viruses (scvhost), hijackers (I think I got rid of them), malicious adware (happy888), and it keeps detecting new hardware that I didn't install and refuse to load the software for until I know what it is, etc etc etc. Any advice on getting rid of these things is appreciated!

We had a doctor's appointment today, and our doc was surprised at how low the baby's head is--right at the gate, so to speak. And we're dilated to 2 or 3 already. I guess if I stood up a lot, with the pressure of the baby's head right there, it might hurry things along. The trouble is, standing up causes contractions and one really sore spot on my tummy (something that's happened in all my pregnancies, but in a different spot for this baby). I know that contractions is what we're after, but, despite the fact that I am anxious to be done being pregnant, my "avoid pain" instincts are rather strong, and too many contractions in a row sends me to my comfy rocking chair, which usually kills contractions. Conterproductive for labor, but putting myself into labor is actually counterintuitive in a lot of ways.

Likely, standing up a lot would just make me uncomfortable and unhappy and not put me into labor anyway. That's what usually happens.

Anyway, the doctor was surprised that we are moving right along, and she said, "You'll have this baby within the next two weeks, I think." I was all excited about that, until I realized that we're due in 2 1/2 weeks anyway. So I already knew that. Hmmm. Also, while Dan at this point measured 2 weeks ahead, this baby is measuring 4 days behind his age. So who knows what will happen next. I suppose going to my due date wouldn't be SO bad, as long as I don't have a 10 lb baby in the process.

Other, more delightful surprise happened last night. I told all the kids, "GO potty before bed." Dan looked up all excited and said, "Potty?" and ran into the bathroom. When he found Anda was on that potty, he ran into the other bathroom. So, not to lose an opportunity, I pulled out the potty chair, put it back together, took Dan's diaper off, and explained that he needed to pee in his potty. He was excited! And even more excited when I explained that when you pee in the potty you get a treat--a candy. He sat on the potty and aimed right, and practiced, and I went out to check on the other kids while he played. When I came back to the hall, Anda was standing there and said, "Dan peed on the floor." I looked over, and, from the shape and location of the puddle it was clear that he had moved the potty into the hall and then realized he needed to pee after all, and he sat on the potty and peed. Unfortunately, he forgot to aim into the potty, and he peed on the floor. I gave him a treat anyway. He actually got the concept and tried! And he's only 19 months old--2 years younger than Caleb was when he finally agreed to just try it, and 18 months younger than Anda when she potty trained.

I DON'T think that Dan is ready to potty train. But I'm excited that he's exploring the possibilities, instead of avoiding them like the other kids did.

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