Monday, April 17, 2017

Emmy today

2 yo spent the whole day throwing massive fit after massive fit because I was doing it wrong and she wanted to do it better but I wouldn't let her.

What was "it"?

Choosing a pen to write with (I wanted red, she said I had to write with pink)

Making a math answer key for 8th grade pre-algebra

Loading the dishwasher

Changing her diaper

Plugging in a laptop to its charger She insisted Jack stole her charger and therefore she couldn't use her laptop. He didn't.)

Washing her bottle

Filling her bottle

Putting the lid on her bottle (yes, three fits)

I hope this is a very, very short phase. Even if it's to a toddler, it wears you out to have to constantly justify every single thing you do, and then to have your justification and explanations flat-out rejected. Violently. 


It's also worth noting that sometimes her nickname is "Myself" because it's the most common word that comes out of her mouth some days. I can't do anything for her anymore without hearing, "NO! Myself!" She will go down the stairs and start over if I carried her. Or walk back across a parking lot and start over if I picked her up. Get back out of the van and in again. Throw her whatever-toy-or-dish back on the floor and pick it up again. Yell at me if I start singing along when she sings and start the song over where I interrupted. Death to me if I'm in a hurry and try to help out to get things moving--I have to breathe slowly and remind myself that if I interfere, she'll throw it all apart (whatever it is) and start again, which is slower than just letting her get through it herself the first time, no matter how much a hurry we are in. 

I thought I had strong willed kids before. This little gal puts them all to shame.

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