Sunday, April 24, 2016

Did I just read that?

From "Nate Currey with RTD estimates that between 80 and 90,000 passengers used the new line  since noon on Friday. That's well below, the about 18,600 they predict will use it on the average weekday."

I guess the 80 is below, but last I checked, 90,000 was WAY above 18,600.

Also, 80 to 90,000 is such a huge range that it's practically meaningless. Perhaps they meant "80- to 90,000" or "80,000-90,000"?

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Nate C. said...

Hi there, it should have read 80,000 to 90,000. That was for the entire weekend not just daily and we were really happy about the weekend turnout for the opening celebrations back in April. Fast forward to today and we're averaging 18,000 - 19,000 per day on the University of Colorado A line so a little ahead of projected ridership.

This just came across my feed for some reason, sorry for the very late comment. -NC