Saturday, February 13, 2016

Doing Too Much!

My current list of projects (which I have started and want to finish and which are currently sitting out waiting to be done--so not old projects that are on hold):

--Two scarves on the loom (with 3 more planned, and then a blanket)

--Repairing/rebuilding Dan's bed quilt

--A stack of clothing that needs simple repairs

--Entire Pre-K through 8 curriculum, every subject, and a website to post it on

--Entire learn-to-read set of activity books

--Stripping and refinishing my dining room table

--Rebuilding the laundry room so it holds clothes for 10 (instead of six); this requires first cleaning up at least part of the kids' room and reorganizing Tim's office, too

--Organize, sort, and fold every single washable item in the house (clothes, costumes, linens, etc)

--Teach Elijah how to make cookies by himself

--Repair the kitchen sink (which currently only can be turned on and off with a screwdriver)

Too Much! (Can you tell I've had my hands full of babies for a very long time and am anxious to get to the work that has been neglected?)

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