Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Please no more!

I keep running across sensationalized stories (told by FB friends, in the media, etc) of babies and toddlers being tortured to death. Always, the stories are told in graphic detail.

Please, please no more.

I can't take any more.

It's making me physically sick and giving me nightmares and anxiety attacks. I don't need my head filled with the graphic details of how an evil person tortured a baby.

Let's not torture babies at all.

And let's have some decency and not share all the graphic, explicit details.

I can't take any more.

I know the point is to disgust people enough to move them to action, but it seems like this approach is either feeding disgusting voyeuristic tendencies or driving us all into our caves to hide behind our hands and cry.

What good does the manufactured outrage do if I refuse to read the articles because the last one was so distressing? There is no outrage if the coverage of the topic is so disgusting that good people refuse to read. (And that is no favor to the victims).

The media used to quote cops saying, "It's one of the worst cases I've seen," but now they just spill every gruesome detail. Has our society descended so low that we love that kind of thing? Are we not seeing these innocents as suffering humans but instead seeing their gruesome deaths as entertainment?

Just please. No more.

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Catherine Carlson said...

It is crazy how similar our minds are sometimes. I had this exact same thought a few days ago and had to intentionally avoid looking at my Facebook news feed encaustic of a graphic headline that made me physically ill.