Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random thoughts from this week

Having two sicknesses crisscrossing through the family (one head/chest cold, one pukey-flu) makes me really grateful for hardwood floors, old ice cream buckets, and a washer and dryer.

So many tragedies this week. I can hardly process anything except--wow. Sad.

If Tim ends up needing to go on tour regularly or for an extended period of time, how can we make that work with the kids?

If you're not supposed to use water to put fires out in factories that have big tanks of anhydrous ammonia in them (because it explodes when water touches it), what are you supposed to use?

Why does a pingpong ball bounce? On a molecular/atomic level, I mean.

If Elijah's eyes are goopy after he's had both a pukey-flu and a head cold, does that mean he has an ear infection?

Hmmm....Caleb doesn't really fit on the couch anymore when he's sick and needs a place to lay around.

Over a foot of snow in 3 days. Is it really April?

My house seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

Sleep or write? Which is going to be more satisfying right now? In the long run? And can I write coherent sentences after the kids fall asleep, or will it all be incomprehensible nonsense when I look at it again?

Too bad Garfields' Halloween is only on YouTube in French and Spanish now and not in English.

I just hate it when educational software programs change their url but don't put in redirects, so I have to go change the urls of each activity I use in my kids' schools.

Shoot. Library books are now overdue, and it's too cold to go out and return them with the baby.

When is Anda going to start throwing up? She's the last one.

Gosh I hope the baby doesn't get this....

Obviously, any idea that we have our lives under control is just an illusion. Things can happen that change everything. Fast. All at once. And forever.

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