Friday, February 03, 2012

Interesting phenomenon

Normally, in Colorado, December is relatively mild and then January and February are freezing and below freezing. Normally, in January and February we see snow and more snow, and single-digit temperatures for several weeks straight.

This year, we had snow in October, and then more snow in December, and single-digit temperatures in December. And then January was in the 60s most days, and plenty warm.

The result? Both the kids and the trees felt like it was spring. Me, too, actually. I could take the trash out at midnight barefoot most nights and not be uncomfortable in the least. In January!

About 3 days ago, the maple and cottonwood trees in our yard put out their buds. Naturally, today a blizzard rolled in and is dumping dumping dumping snow. But I digress.

When Anda and I walked outside and noticed the buds on the cottonwood tree, we also noticed an interesting thing: there were buds coming out on all the broken off branches, too. Even the twigs that came down in October in that unusual storm now had buds--it was like all those branches, downed in the middle of the fall by snow, had no idea they were no longer on the tree. So we had buds all over the yard!

We wondered if there was a way to stimulate root growth?

But now it's a moot point, what with all the snow. Now I'm wondering if trees bud in January, and then freeze in February, will they bud again in April, or will the trees die?

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