Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reviewing Reading Resources--ouch

I don't know why people who write educational content are not very accurate with their content. It's driving me crazy!!!

Funny does not mean "full of fun."

'wh-' makes a different sound in "Who" and "What"

"Ankle" is not an example of the short a sound.

And "ink" is not an example of ANY 'i' sound, short or long. It makes the long e sound, as does "pink."

Oh, and "sight word" means you cannot sound the word out using the rules of standard English. "Girl" is a sight word. So is "margarine."  "Light" is not actually a sight word (it follows the rule that says that "igh" makes the long i sound). "That" is not a sight word. Neither is "She" or "go," but "do" is.

Biggest pet peeve, though, is "leveled readers" that include words and sounds the student hasn't learned yet. And also "leveled readers" that have too many words in them. Reading, at first, is exhausting. First readers for K-level emerging readers should have 2 words for the students to decode.


Thanks for letting me vent.

I have come to the conclusion that the best reading educational program is a reader and someone who wants to know how to read, a pen, and a paper. And lots of time. All the programs in the world can't compensate for a lack of one-on-one reading teaching. It's really the best way.

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