Monday, July 18, 2011

Sorry not doing much here lately.....

I'm not posting much here lately. Sorry about that.

I'm neck-deep in links right now, trying to tease out a new-and-improved Kindergarten curriculum for Learning Lynx Classroom ( I'm also starting research to do a PE program on there--one of the things that are more difficult for homeschoolers to do at home because PE programs are all designed for group sports. Homeschooling families tend to  be larger than average, but with so many different ages of kids, sports are still really difficult to do on a daily basis at home. So I'm doing research on that. So far, I have the Presidential Fitness challenge, dance, challenge activities, and a few websites of family fun games/activities on my radar. We'll see how it comes out.

I've also started working on my novel again. Gotta get that one done and out of my sight! I can't just keep rewriting the first chapter forever. At some point I have to call it good enough and move on! (And yes, I did a complete rewrite on it yet again. I think I've redone (complete re-do from scratch) the first chapter at least a dozen times, but the whole book only once).

And I have a 20 lb baby who doesn't like to be put down. And he wiggles a lot and wants me to help him be involved in what the other kids are doing. So there is that.

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