Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sick kids

Nathanael threw up every hour all night last night, and then at least 3 more times today. It got so he didn't even wake up, and after 3:00 am I stopped bathing him and just threw down another blanket and wiped him off with a towel (by then there wasn't anything left in him to puke out anyway), and then cleaned him and the bed up thoroughly in the morning. And that's when the diarrhea hit. 

So I didn't get everything done today--I was too busy rocking a baby.

Still, I managed to turn in some paperwork I needed to finish, and during a small break in the puking, I ran down and voted while there was no line. This is the first midterm election where there were enough major issues on  the ballot, and enough going on in national politics, that I not only remembered to go vote, I felt strongly that my voice actually mattered and needed to be heard. I even researched the issues. 

And I did finish sorting and folding the heap of clean clothes (not linens yet, though).  With all the clothes we've been given, I discovered we had much-needed entirely new wardrobes for all six of my kids plus the two daughters of a good friend! Now I can throw away all the clothes we got used 9 years ago that have been through 3-5 kids just in my family. Thank-you everyone who shared with us!

I managed dinner, which mostly nobody ate (I like cabbage, but the kids won't give it a chance). I didn't get to dishes, though, and none of the throwuppy blankets and towels would be washed if Tim hadn't done it.  Fortunately, school is one of the few things that are easy to do when I have a sick kid, so that all got done.

I also had a doctor's appointment. Baby is fine and approved to come any time after next Monday, although we'll probably have to wait until December--mine don't seem to come early. He's very busy and for some reason I can feel and see his movements much more than any of my other kids'. Even the doctor was surprised how visible the baby's movements are, especially when he very visibly rolled over and then deliberately kicked her doppler heartbeat monitor off my tummy, and then kept kicking the same place until she wiped the gel off, too. I guess he's as opinionated as my other 5!

So now I just got thrown up on again, and everyone is not staying in bed (I just hate that!). So I'm off to clean up and put everyone back in bed. Again.

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