Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Did I just read that?

This article was full of errors!

There are math issues:
"Authorities say at least 136 homes have been destroyed by a wildfire burning in canyons and foothills west of Boulder. A list released Wednesday the Boulder County sheriff's includes four other structures and at least 12 homes damaged by the 6,168-acre fire."


"Seven of the country's 19 heavy air tankers have been sent to Colorado to fight the blaze, considered the nation's top firefighting priority. Two more have been dispatched to the fire, said Ken Frederick, spokesman for the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho." (Why don't we just say "nine" and call it good? Or is a blaze and a fire different?)

Objects doing uncharacteristic things:

"About 3,500 people have been evacuated from about 1,000 homes that broke out in a parched area north of Boulder on Monday. " (So, homes are like acne for water-starved land?)

Interesting "what?"s:

" Firefighters encountered a tangle of rattlesnakes, downed power lines and combustible propane tanks Wednesday as they struggled to get an upper hand on a wildfire that has destroyed dozens of homes." (Snakes, power lines, propane tanks all tangled up together in one massive heap....but no fire! I suppose the downed power lines were wreaking havoc on the snakes, and possibly igniting the propane?)

and again: "Laura McConnell, a spokeswoman for the fire management team, said as many as 300 firefighters are at the fire and more are on the way. She said they're dealing with downed power lines, debris, poison ivy and rattlesnakes. They also have to be watchful for propane tanks in the area." (but no fire?)

I guess when the land is on fire, the editors lose their minds.

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