Saturday, August 28, 2010

7 Lies about marriage

I read this:|ivl|pp|&obref=obnetwork&p=1

Expecting to argue with it.

But I was surprised--I think the guy is right.

And, amazingly, he points out things that the church has been teaching all along. That's what surprised me. So much about our culture that we don't pay attention to is destroying marriage.

The one thing I think he missed:  Number 5 points out that having both spouses working away from the home makes both miserable and breaks down marriages (this is something I hadn't ever thought about; I knew it was unfair to women for our culture to expect them to be everything, but I hadn't thought about what it does to marriage!).  The thing the author fails on here is he says the answer is men need to do more housework. In reality, I think the better answer is God's answer: as often as possible, women need to stay at home and do just that one job instead of trying to be home and in the workforce.  I just didn't realize that could strengthen  marriage!

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medieval.woman said...

Thanks for putting this up, I really enjoyed reading it. But I still wish my husband did more housework. (As he probably wishes I would do more yardwork.)