Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Concrete example of Health Insurance NOT being what you think

Congress and the President, during the health care debate, went to great lengths to confuse and eventually equate the phrases "access to health care" and "health insurance."

Turns out being required to get health insurance mandates another bill, but doesn't give you access to health care necessarily.  Concrete example that came in the mail today:

HumanaOne ad which says an individual health insurance plan can be purchased for as low as $78 (I assume per month. It doesn't specify. It could be per day!).

The small print, in about 6 pt type, light grey, at the bottom of the page, says, "$7500 deductible".  YES, that is $7500 you pay out of pocket before your health insurance kicks in. PLUS the $78 a month (or day, or whatever it is).  That's extreme even for catastrophic coverage!

This insurance is an added bill.  But it does NOT give you access to the regular day-to-day kind of health care that catches problems early and allows for preventative care.

So much for the president's plan.....

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