Saturday, February 10, 2007

Language Is Tricky and other fun stuff

Daniel is really "Getting" language now, and has recently started using full sentences--occasionally (and we often can understand all the words). But he also has started responding to us when we talk in a very "I understand" way. Apparently I don't speak very clearly and precisely, though, because Dan's responses sometimes surprise me.

For example, when I took him out of his bath today, I said, "Where do you want me to put your diaper on you?" thinking he'd point at one of the bedrooms. Instead, he pointed at his bum.

Yesterday he was trying to put a video in the VCR, but he was holding it perpendicular to the opening. So I said, "Turn it to the side." Very obediently, Dan turned to his right and set the video on a chair. Then he picked up another video and tried to put it into the VCR, still perpendicular to the opening. I said, "Turn it round and it will go in, Dan." He looked at me for a minute and then turned in a slow circle (he turned 'round), and then tried to put the video in again. Still perpendicular to the opening. Finally, before I could frustrate or confuse him too much verbally, I went over and showed him physically how to put the video in.

And it's not just Dan who points out the flaws in my speech. Yesterday, we bought a dozen toner cartridges from a contact on craigslist (for the price of ONE in the store), and as we were driving home, the kids said, "What are those toners for?" I said, "For my computer so I can print things." The kids said, "Why does your computer need toner? Doesn't it go in the printer?"

I guess I need to be more precise when I speak?

Other Fun Stuff:

We made peanutbuttercup fudgecicles yesterday. Really Yummy. It was super easy, too. We made a big box of pudding (the kind that takes 4 cups of milk), but instead of using a wire whisk, I put it into the kitchenaid with the whisk attachment. We mixed it on low, then put in one teaspoon of creamy peanut butter and whipped it on medium for 2 minutes, so it was a little fluffier than usual. Then we froze it into popsicles. Yum. The pre-frozen stuff would make good pie filling, too.

We've made orange creamsicles, too: Pour flat orange soda into the popsicle mold (or paper cup) and add a tablespoon or two of vanilla ice cream. Then freeze it. Very yummy.

Another favorite variation is chocolate pudding swirled with cool whip...

Or koolaid with jello (put it in before it sets up)--the popsicles don't drip!

Our other experiment this week was home made ice cream. We used snow to freeze it and discovered that snow isn't cold enough unless you add a lot of water. We made pear ice cream. It came out very WHITE and quite tasty. Next time we're going to try cake batter flavor. Unless all the snow melts first.....

Caleb discovered Mobius strips a couple of days ago. He was delighted at the magic trick of cutting one in half and finding still only one loop. We had predicted beforehand what would happen (two strips), so it was all very exciting and magical.

And we learned that pepper is actually ground up dried berries! (Who knew?)

We also discovered , which lets you put in the dimensions of a room, and fill it with furniture (which you can custom-size), to figure out how to arrange your house mot efficiently. Just like what Dad used to do with graph paper, only online. The kids thought the "house puzzle" program was great--and I loved that it help me fit 4 beds, a crib, two rocking chairs, a dresser, a bookshelf, and a mirror (all accurately sized) into two room, one 9x13 and the other 9x9. Very fun and useful free tool.

I may be a terrible housekeeper, but the kids have a lot of educational fun!

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